About Us

Our MissionMission

The Medina Senior Center/Meals on Wheels Medina County mission is to promote the dignity, value, health and security of homebound Medina County seniors in need of nutritious meals, friendly companionship and related resources. 

More Information

Our services have proven to be effective means to alleviate senior hunger and isolation by fostering community partnerships and volunteer opportunities.

All of our center's are inclusive, welcoming places for seniors, families and caregivers to eat, relax, learn, play, share and enjoy the company of friends. We strive to provide relevant education, recreation and entertainment opportunities, along with referrals and resources to enhance our senior's quality of life.


  • Home meal delivery
  • Weekend meals (additional meals delivered to accommodate weekend needs)
  • Emergency meals (immediate meal delivery services to accommodate temporary inability to prepare meals, hospital discharges, temporary absence of family or caregiver) 
  • Congregate meals, events, education and activities (PENDING-temporarily suspended until receive enough funds for a new facility)
  • USDA Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) monthly food supplement distribution (when available)
  • Friendly reasurrance calls
  • Community referrals

Positive Outcomes 

In 2018, you helped provide more than 350 seniors with over 46,950 meals! We are incredibly thankful and grateful for the more than 50 volunteers serving over 1300 hours and travelling 5500+ miles to ensure no senior goes hungry or is isolated! 

Board of Directors (2024)

President: Roger Hernandez, Owner Hondo Cafe & Hondo Funeral Home (Hondo)

Secretary:  Dave Coble, Retired Long-Term Care Administrator (Castroville)

Genevieve Flores, Sesajal Mexico Executive (Hondo)

Dwight Green, Retired Executive of Tyco Fire & Security and former Mayor of Castroville (Castroville)

Rose Mary Mares, Assistant Superintendent, Hondo ISD (Hondo)

George Mayo, Retired Medical Administrator (Medina County)

*We strive to maintain a board of 9 members, that we may represent, reach and engage all areas of Medina County. Please contact us if interested in serving as a Board of Directors or in an advisory capacity (mealsandmore@medinaseniorcenter.org or 830.741.6160).

Leadership and Staff

Sharayah Gonzales (Executive Director / Financial Administrator)

Lola Lopez (Kitchen Manager)

Barbara Losack (Billing/Info Management)

Joshua Wolfe (Route Manager/Client Relations)



We have developed strong partnerships with other local agencies in order to deliver the highest quality programs and to keep expenses low. Specifically, we work with Meals on Wheels San Antonio for our meal service and with the San Antonio Food Bank for the USDA Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP).

Our History 

Meals on Wheels Medina County was founded by a group of concerned individuals from local churches in the Hondo area in 1977.  Soon thereafter, they were aligned to Medina County (as the Nutrition Program), and operated as such until April 2015, when we became an independent not-for profit 501(c)(3) organization - continuing to serve seniors throughout all of Medina County.